Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I don't even like bowling

...and yet for some reason upon deciding to illustrate a self portrait of myself I figured a t-shirt with a bowling ball on it might be pretty neat. Turns out to be true, and now I want that t-shirt.

Also, hi! I draw pictures and cartoons, hope you like them :)

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Debujin said...

YOU RETURNS! Welcome back, bro' - haven't seen where you're up to artistically for such a long time! Clearly the style you use has been developing a great deal since the last work i saw - i can say with some confidence that i haven't exactly been slacking in the art department (ha!) either. Got a new DA account (URL included here!), and also i've sold out to my hormones and started getting a bit risque with some works - seems that sort of thing is really popular with doods who like to download stuff and fap over it.

Anyway man, nice that you're back - perhaps we can catch up sometime, eh?